Date: 12/02/2021 08:00 PM

MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Fri, 12 Feb 2021, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia

Epicus thrashicus metallicus A night of epic thrash metal at the Moshpit.   TERRORENTIAL are a Death/Thrash Metal band from Sydney. Since 2010 have been a reliable source of relentless live music of the local Sydney metal scene. TERRORENTIAL have released 2 EPs One for One EP (2012) & Flood The Earth EP (2015). TERRORENTIAL are shaking the walls like an oncomingstorm. Terrorential are ready to bring the brutality to crowds across Australia. With a full solid line up now complete and an album release, Terrorential are shaking the walls like an oncomingstorm!   Scholar of Sin- Crossover thrash metal from Sydney. Feedback fuelled riffs Deafening distortion Speed, mayhem Unnatural disaster Delivering punk, thrash And everything in between. Beware the Scholar, The Scholar of sin!   Dead Creation- Thrash metal from Sydney. Heavy metal infused with thrash elements, dead creation started with its current line-up in july 2019 with a few originals and continued to progress as a metal band. Playing the Crowbar and the townie gaining momentum into 2020 until covid.

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