Service And Pricing


There are 3 different catagories to our service

  1. Our promoted gigs in venues indicated with a gold star
    These have acts we have curated and will entail a profesional shoot sound engineer
  2. Independent regular streaming channels
    We can help any existing streaming channel move towards advanced ticketing and streaming options where the stream isn’t
    If this applies to you please get in touch: contact us
  3. Self managed streams
    If you are a venue or regular streaming service please contact us

If you would like us to provide quotes to shoot your show please contact us

Ticket Setup and Pricing for Live Streaming Your own Gig

If you are a venue streaming service or would like a quote for us to produce your show. Please get in touch

  1. It is up to you the price you set for your Gig
  2. It is up to you the time of your Gig NB once the first ticket is sold you cannot change the gig time
  3. The shouts are up to the Fans
  4. On registering a gig we have a minimum fee of $88 inc or 30% of ticket sales. Whichever is greater. This applies to self-managed streams only. If you are a streaming service or a venue please get in touch
  5. Shouts are charged at 30% independently of ticket sales
  6. You will be given a report of ticket sales and shouts.
  7. We will need bank account details to deposit into